The websites of contemporary composers have created iconoclastic changes in the world of musical theatre’s repertoire
and performance practice. Contemporary musical theatre composers’ websites offer a variety of services that have never been centralized or available to teachers and performers without their establishing a personal acquaintance with an individual composer. On the typical musical theatre composer’s website, viagra one may instantly access sheet music for purchase and download, generic mp3s to sample or purchase, treat synopses of musical plots and videos of performances to observe the style of interpretation each composer desires. For decades, music stores and circulating libraries were the primary options for securing repertoire for academic and amateur performances. By an overwhelming majority, only the most successful Broadway musicals were published and recorded for retail sale and thereby defined standard musical theatre repertoire in the past. Within the last decade through savvy websites, contemporary composers have circumvented the gatekeepers of publishing houses and recording labels. This website offers a guide to musical theatre composers’ websites, opening the cyber door to the most contemporary musical theatre as offered by an inspired community of celebrated living composers.

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